Text Messaging

Text messaging is a convenient way to communicate but like all technology there is also a dark side. Texting can be used to bully or humiliate people. Embarrassing images or videos can quickly be transmitted or uploaded to online photo and video sharing sites. Sexting is a form of texting where kids take sexually revealing pictures of themselves and send them as text message attachments. The use of texting in school cheating is on the rise as answers can be quickly passed from student to student.

Stay Safe:

Because so many kids have cell phones and use text messaging as their main mode of communication it is important to help them understand the consequences of abusing the technology. Discuss with them how to handle situations of bulling or harassment and encourage them to talk to you about situations that make them uncomfortable.

Here are some Parent Tips from Common Sense Media that can help you as parents keep your children safe while using Text Messaging:

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