Pictures, images, video, text, or other materials that are sexually explicit, arousing, and/or make you feel uncomfortable.


Adult magazines, videos, books, and other media types contain pornographic content that can be found in a variety of stores and now on the Internet. The Internet has become a distribution source for the producers and distributors of pornography. Pornography is now more accessible, affordable, and anonymous because of the Internet.

Stay Safe:

The key is to know what their children are doing on the Internet just like you would when your children have gone to play with a friend or on an errand to the store. Agree on rules regarding Internet searching determining what's appropriate. Install filtering software to filter out the type of material you don't want coming into your home. Install monitoring software so that you can check on a regular basis to see exactly what web pages your children are visiting.

Additional Resources:

Utah Coalition Against Pornography
UCAP offers leadership, education, and resources to organizations seeking to combat the harmful effects of sexually explicit material on individuals, children and families.

Fight the New Drug: Educating on the harmful effects of Pornography

Fight the New Drug is a youth driven organization dedicated to raising awareness on the addictive and harmful potential of pornography.

Women for Decency
Promoting decency in society by helping women safeguard home, family and community from obscenity and pornography.

Combating Pornography
Site from LDS Family Services designed to help Youth, Individuals, Spouses, Parents, and Leaders combat pornography.