Web Cam

A webcam (or web camera) is a real-time camera whose images can be accessed using the Internet, instant messaging, or a PC video calling application. A webcam is usually, though not always, a video camera.


Creative, Earthcam, Quickcam, EyeToy, and iSight (Apple) are examples of existing webcam products. More and more computers are available with a video camera built in.

Stay Safe:

Staysafe.org for Parents suggests that if you give your kid a camera, make sure he or she knows what NOT to do with it. Caution them against taking pictures of themselves or others in inappropriate poses or states of dress or in situations that can be embarrassing. These all too easily can get into the hands (or hard drives) of people you and your kids don't know. Remember that cell phone cameras can be used to instantly post photos and in some cases video to the Internet, even when your kids are away from home.

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