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Public awareness of the risks and dangers of Internet predators on children has been enormously heightened by recent incidents and crimes reported in the media. More children of all ages and their parents are beginning to recognize the need to be careful online, but youth are still placing themselves in vulnerable positions every day. This is of particular concern in Utah, which ranks number one in the nation for home computer use, fifth highest in the nation for Internet use in the home, and has the highest population of children of any state in the nation (Huntsman, 2005). Still, NetSafe Utah partners believe we have an obligation not only to the families of our state, but to other states, to be a leader in online safety education for youth and the adults who care for them.

NetSafe Utah was made possible through funds from the Sexual Exploitation of Children Prevention fund and is a collaborative partnership that combines the strengths and expertise of Public Broadcasting (UEN-TV), our statewide educational technology network (UEN), the Utah State Board of Education, the Utah Attorney General’s Office Internet Crimes against Children Task Force, the University of Utah College of Education, the Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable, the Utah Council for Crime Prevention, PBS Utah, The Diversity Times, and the Children’s Service Society of Utah Grandfamilies program, the four Rural Education Regional Service Centers, Head Start Centers, and public libraries.

The NetSafe project includes the online resources found at this web site for teachers, parents and face-to-face training. This collaborative project has just received additional state and federal funding and will continue to be adapted to give Utah schools and communities access to best practices for Internet safety including options for meeting CIPA requirements.

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